Our team is recognized for its broad experience in company and commercial law. Our lawyers provide a wide variety of legal services in this area, including but not limited to:

• Choosing the most suitable legal form of a company;
• Drafting the required documentation and representing the client in front of the Registry Agency in relation to registration of a company;
• Preparing the necessary documents for the changes in the organizational structure of existing companies;
• Advice in sale – purchase of company shares;
• Mergers, acquisitions, reorganization and change of legal form of a company;
• Liquidation of a company;
• Bankruptcy law and insolvency;
• Providing complete set of legal and auxiliary services in relation to business transactions, negotiations;
• Drafting of all commercial agreements;
• Registration of companies, branches, representative offices of local and foreign entities;
• Legal Due Diligence;
• Representation in legal procedures in relation to commercial matters;
• Subscription to legal service;


Our tax department has a comprehensive tax law expertise and experience across:

• general tax consultancy,
• tax and investment planning,
• litigation,
• customs laws.

Knowing from our practice that tax issues are always complex matters we provide clients with integrated services covering both legal and tax aspects, focused always on the specific needs of each client. We believe that being tax consultants means to understand the clients’ business and to provide result orientated services.

Our professionals cover wide range of tax issues such as:

• commercial and corporate tax issues;
• consultation on avoidance of double taxation;
• property taxation, tax disputes and litigation;
• representation before the tax authorities,
• VAT status of entities,
• tax consultancy for individuals including the status of the expats,
• general advices on local tax obligations,
• tax implication on commercial transactions


There is a three instances court system established in Bulgaria with the Supreme Courts (Supreme Court of Cassation and Supreme Administrative Court) acting as last instance for civil, administrative and criminal law matters. The Supreme Court of Cassation reviews judgments of lower courts only if the admissibility criteria are satisfied. Only attorneys with over 5 years practical experience are qualified to plead before the Supreme courts.

Our litigation specialists are fully prepared and experienced in representation of clients before all district and appeal courts in the country as well as before the Supreme courts.
Our legal services in litigation include:
• Legal Representation before all Bulgarian Courts;
• Securing of claims- blocking of bank accounts, ban over properties, arrest of assets as well as arrest of vessels;
• Compulsory execution;
• Recognition of foreign Judgments;
• Claims management;


Alternative option for resolution of civil disputes, including commercial disputes, as well as disputes for filling in the gaps in a contract or its amendment to new circumstances is the arbitration.

Only rights or possession over immovable property, an obligation for providing a child support and/or alimony, and a right stemming from an employment legal relationship cannot be referred to
arbitration (art. 19(1) of the Civil Procedure Code).

Our attorneys have already conducted cases of large foreign investors in Bulgaria before the Arbitration court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Finally, we always recommend clients to avoid, if possible, litigation which often turns out to be long, expensive and ineffective. That is why we strive to direct our clients to alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, agreements before the notary and negotiation. In this relation, some of our specialists are certified mediators providing clients with comprehensive mediation services.


In the area of real estate law we work on all aspects of real estate through the different stages from development to final construction. Also we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each investment and the more convenient company structure to canalize it, apart from different forms of financing and leasing of properties.

Our clients include individual and international investors, all types of businesses, SMEs and multinationals.

Our expert team allows us to deal with the most complex real estate transactions with full guarantees of juridical security for our clients.


Preventive advice focused on trying to reach an amicable resolution is usually the most advantageous solution for a company labor dispute case.

• Advice on the day to day business.
• Registration and contributions to social security.
• Labor Law Recruitment
• Expatriates regime.
• Prevention of occupational hazards.
• Due diligence and advisory restructuring (mergers, etc. )
• Consultations with the administration.
• Consulting on updated legislative developments.
• Professionals regime.


We transfer to our clients the necessary tools to successfully access the business opportunities generated by international procurement and public tenders in Bulgaria, considering in this area projects financed by international or national organizations and public institutions. We analyze the real possibilities of success of your business in relation to the tenders.
We are representing and advising companies in various sectors in public tenders such as infrastructure, construction and/or supplies, before several public agencies, providing all the administrative information and suitable technique to formulate their economic proposals, with the guarantee of our extensive experience and knowledge of different procurement systems.
Once the company decides to bid for a tender, in order to prepare the tender documentation it is essential to have all the information from the local market and specific sector. Consequently, we advise on the different stages for each project, constitution of temporary consortiums, joint ventures, setting up the company and legal advice, once awarded, along the project performance until the end of the contract´s term for the proper supply or work service.


Our services include advice to the client, either on substantive and procedural issues (Contractual mediation, negotiation or defense before Courts), defending the interests of the client before public administration in the administrative litigation.
We offer our expertise in the following areas:
• Advice on all types of contracts to be executed for the Bulgarian administration or general public sector (Governmental institutions, public companies, etc.)
• Advice on administrative contracts (works, service or supply contracts, contract management or public works concession).
• Our advice may involve any issue that may arise along the tender preparation, award, effects, compliance and/or termination (contractual or financial modifications, suspensions, extensions or resolution.)
• Special advice on contracts based on the Law of Public-Private Partnership in Bulgaria, as an instrument of cooperation between companies and public institutions to optimize resources and reduce expenses. We assist during all stages of the contract and the possible eventualities that may arise.

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